Posted September 17, 2014
Dear Family,

It is my prayer that we continually pray for one another and everything that is going on around us whether near or far.  The Lord has laid upon my heart the Ministry of Intercessory Prayer. If you would like to be a part of this prayer team, please contact me asap for prayer times. 
What do intercessors pray for?
 Pray for our Family/leaders/participants/outreach:
  1. Pray for God's provision
  2. Pray persistently
  3. Pray specifically
    1. Protection from Satan's schemes and evil
    2. Boldness to minister or speak
    3. Person(s) to be aware of God's presence
    4. Spirit to lead participant(s) into truth
    5. Spirit's control and power
    6. Evangelism of pre-Christians
    7. Discipleship/follow-up of new converts
    8. Rooted in the Word
    9. Jesus to be glorified
    10. Workers sent and not growing weary in doing good
    11. Physical and Spiritual healing
    12. Whatever the Lord lay upon your hearts
Please respond as quickly as possible if you would like to join the Intercessory Prayer Team.

God's Blessings Upon You!