"We Love Him because, He First Loved Us!" 
I John 4:19 (KJV)

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The planning committee is responsible for finding a venue big enough to hold the reunion. This could be as simple as reserving a shelter in a local park on a specific date for a family reunion, or as complex as making the reservations at a hotel or convention center for a large reunion. The planning committee could be responsible for planning or organizing activities for the event, or there can be a separate  activities committee that is under the oversight of the planning committee or is a separate committee altogether. The planning committee chairperson would work with the finance chairperson to ensure that planned events are within the reunion budget and the monies. 

Mr. Herbert Whaley, Jr. 
Spiritual Advisor 

Ms. Ethel McFadden

Mr. George McFadden
Vice President 

Mrs. Sharon M. Young 

Ms. Elizabeth C. McFadden