"We Love Him because, He First Loved Us!" 
I John 4:19 (KJV)

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2014 Reunion Wrap-up

Posted September 19, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

This is a rather long email and I pray that you will read it in its entirety. I am so thankful for all of you.  Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for all that you've done and continue to do. To God be the Glory!!
I wanted to take time out to recap this year's reunion and to thank everybody for just pitching in wherever it was needed.
I thank most of all Tim and Herb for allowing us to have this 4th reunion on their beautiful property. It was first class all the way!  If that Bounce House could talk!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody that pitched in and helped wherever there was a need.
  • Thank our "Grill Master" Kenny Whitlock.  You're the best! Everything was finger lickin' good.
  • Angelette, that Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Beans and Salads were awesome.
  • All of the ones that helped cleaned the chicken and Shrimp and whatever else needed cleaning, thank you. 
  • Kaylin, whatever we needed you were right there .  All those dishes- Whew!
  • The set up crew, the servers, the clean up crew, thank you.
  • Yolanda, thank you for organizing the activities for the children. We couldn't have done it without you.
  • Herb, those crabs were seasoned just right!
To everybody men, women and children that helped.  It was just amazing to see how everyone worked together. 
Thank God for the beautiful weather.  Man had predicted Thunder Storms both Friday and Saturday, but God. 
This family is truly blessed because we have been ordained by God. Not only the McFadden-Whaley Family, all of our friends that are a part of our family. I thank God for all of the Great Things He Has Done!
Congratulations to all of our Prize Winners
Musical Chairs Winner
Ages 4 & under - Janae Peeples $5.00
Ages 5-12 - Raylon Godfrey $5.00
Pin the tail on the donkey
Ages 3-12 - Makayla McFadden - $5.00
Door Prize Drawings - Donated by Sharon Rogers & Ethel McFadden
Women's relaxation Basket  - Trishell Edwards - value over $40.00
Men's Grooming Kit - Ricky Young - value over $40.00
Labor Day Theme Basket - Debbie Alston - value over $25.00

Back to School Walmart Gift cards
Girls ages 5-12  - Niya Whitlock     - $25.00 Gift Card
Girls ages 13-17 - Ashanti Whitlock  - $30.00 Gift Card
Boys ages 5-12   - MJ Whaley         - $25.00 Gift Card
Boys ages 13-17  - Nicholas Young    - $30.00 Gift Card

Fundraiser Drawing
1st Prize - B. Duncan      - $150.00(Rick Young sold ticket)
2nd Prize - Kari Beasley   - $50.00 (Sharon Rogers sold ticket)
No Entries for Bakeoff
The 2014 Evaluations
 Overall evaluations were very positive.
  • Unanimous decision wants the reunion annually.
  • 2015 Reunion will be held in Charleston South Carolina.
  • Food rating overall excellent!!
  • This year's reunion location was awesome.
  • Suggestions for cruise.  We will provide information regarding the cruise under separate cover.
  • Suggestions were to have t-shirts again next year or mugs.
  • Include church services next reunion.
Time of Year for the reunion-we will keep Labor Day Weekend for 2015 and discuss at family meeting at 2015 reunion. Parents concerned with time due to children heading back to school.

Congratulations to our new officers:
Herbert Whaley Jr. - Spiritual Advisor
Yolanda McFadden   - Entertainment/Activities Coordinator

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Achievements, Funny Photos you name it:
Please send to flightgospel@hotmail.com for our website.

Family Tree
In an effort to begin compiling our Family History, the 2014 Reunion Committee is respectfully requesting your assistance with the development of an accurate and robust family history.  How are you related to the McFadden or Whaley families?  Please visit our family website at http://mcfaddenfamilyreunion12.com and describe your lineage in as much detail as possible.  We thank you for your time.

Last but not least, to the Family Reunion Planning Committee, Sharon, Elizabeth and George, thank you for your tireless efforts.
May God Bless each and everyone,