"We Love Him because, He First Loved Us!" 
I John 4:19 (KJV)

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Family Reunion and Family Souvenir Journal


Hello Family,
It has certainly been a while and I pray that all is well with everyone. To God be the glory for all that He has done for us! I thank God for bringing me through Covid in March of this year. He kept me and I am so Grateful! It is because of Him that we live and move and have our being. 
This email is to let you know two things. First, we are having the reunion this year at the Whaley Estate and the entire weekend will be outdoors. Please mark your calendar for July 22-24, 2022 (Sunday is optional). More details to follow soon. 
There will be no cost this year to attend the reunion so an accurate headcount will be needed to assure that we have enough food. You will still need to register your family and all who will be attending. I will notify you when the registration is open on the website. It is currently closed for maintenance.
Secondly, I will organize our "Family Souvenir Journal'' again this year. There was a cost associated with our first and last journal for ads to be included. This year, there will be no charge for your photos or ads. However, there will be a cost to purchase the journal if you so choose. We will let you know the cost later. I encourage you to please submit graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, church outings, masked photos, new births, businesses, marriages, first day of school, proms, job promotions, award presentations and anything else you wish to share along with a description of what you would like to say included with the photo. 
Please submit your photos and ads camera ready.  The DEADLINE FOR YOUR ADS AND PHOTOS IS JULY 1, 2022.  You can send them directly to ethelmcfadden300@gmail.com.
If you have any questions and or concerns, please feel free to reach out. I love you all and thank you for your attention in this matter.